Useful tools - mailcatcher


MailCatcher runs a super simple SMTP server which catches any message sent to it to display in a web interface. It is a very useful tool which does not need a huge knowledge about e.g. sendmail and it is really easy to set up.

Installation and Usage

Service is written in Ruby and it is accessible in the gems repository. If you have Ruby installed you will only need to perform two installation steps:

  1. Install it from gems by gem install mailcatcher.
  2. Start the service by invoking command mailcatcher.
  3. Go to the dashboard at http://localhost:1080/.
  4. Send email through smtp://localhost:1025 - after that email should appear in the dashboard.

Using it inside a web framework e.g. Symfony2 is a piece of cake. The only thing you need is a small modification in the parameters.yml configuration file:

  mailer_transport:  smtp
  mailer_host:       localhost
  mailer_port:       1025

You need to be sure that in the config.yml you have these keys:

  transport:      %mailer_transport%
  host:           %mailer_host%
  port:           %mailer_port%

After applying mentioned changes and rebuilding the cache application will send emails via SMTP server from mailcatcher.

If you need to run it as a service with web interface accessible outside you need to run it in this way:

~ $ nohup mailcatcher --http-ip > /var/log/mailcatcher.log 2>&1 &


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