About me

TL;DR: I am a computer science geek, who loves to work with computers and electronics in general and I blog about it .

Me at the conference

My name is Wojciech Gawroński (afronski on the internet), and I am Software Engineer, co-founder of Pattern Match company. I am the passionate programmer (I would like to call myself a hacker, but I believe that someone else has to call me that way). I specialize in distributed systems, cloud computing (mainly AWS), web development and operations. I have more than ten years of professional experience. I love adding value, and I firmly believe that IT should be pragmatic, which means being a servant for the business.

My always evergreen profile can be found on LinkedIn.

AWS Certificate Badge - AWS Certified Developer Associate AWS Certificate Badge - AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate AWS Certificate Badge - AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate

Besides that, I am passionate about:

  • applying Lean into IT, which includes evangelizing DevOps culture,
  • speaking, preparing workshops and meet-ups and sharing IT knowledge,
  • cloud computing (with emphasis on AWS, in which I am certified expert),
  • applying functional programming to different areas of IT industry e.g. DDD,
  • distributed systems, how they work and theory behind them,
  • how browsers work and how to optimize front-end applications,
  • how to build a programming language, compiler, virtual machine, JIT,
  • computer graphics and game development in the browser,
  • applying computer graphics (2D, 3D) to the various visualization techniques,
  • theory of algorithms and data structures.

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