Using JIRA from the command line

If someone would like to automate some popular workflows related with JIRA (like logging time related with code review or meetings) or just use it from command line, please look at this tool.


~ $ npm install -g jira-cli

Then create a file inside your home directory called .jiraclirc.json with content:

  "user": "USERNAME",
  "host": "address.to.jira.com",
  "protocol": "https:",
  "port": 443,
  "strictSSL": false,
  "project": PROJECTID

After that you can log time with command specified below. In this case, it will prompt you to type a work log comment and amount of time spent with this activity e.g. 1h (format like in corresponding dialog):

~ $ jira -w BLAHBLAH-111


  1. jira-cli